Newark Airport Parking

Parking at Newark Airport parking is less confusing and expensive than it is at the other two NYC Airports,  LaGuardia or JFK, but it still requires some planning.

Newark Airport Terminals and Vehicle Parking

Newark Airport has three airport terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal C that are situated around a ring road, which encloses the short term parking lots Lot A, Lot B, and Lot C. The daily parking lots are named P1, P2, P3 and the more expensive parking garage P4 is also available for daily parking. The long term economy lot is located at P6 and is a hike back to the airport. The P7 parking lot is still under construction.

Three different types of parking options at Newark:

1 – Short-Term Parking at Terminals A, B and C

Parking at the Newark Airport short term parking lots A, B and C are the most expensive regular airport parking options, but they also the most convenient for each terminal. Short-term parking is perfect when you need to go into the terminal to meet or drop off your passengers. It is better and cheaper if you can avoid this parking lot altogether and drop off or pick up your passengers terminal kerbside and avoid the parking lines and cost.

Cost: The cost of parking at the short term parking lot is $4 for each half hour and a maximum daily parking rate of $39

newark airport parking short-term sign

2 – Daily Parking – Lots P1, P2, P3 and Parking Garage P4

The daily parking lots are further away from the terminals then the short term parking lots and you can no longer walk back to the terminal. You will need to use the monorail to get back to the terminal. When the monorail breaks down or is undergoing maintenance, a bus will be provided. It takes less than ten minutes to get to any of terminals from here. The price for the daily parking lots are just a few bucks cheaper than parking in the short-term parking lot.  According to Port Authority crime figures, your vehicle is less likely to get damaged here, as there is less traffic than at the short-term parking lot, but it is more likely to get stolen

Cost: This daily parking lots at Newark Airport costs $27 per day and the P4 garage is $34 per day.

newark airport daily parking entrance sign

3 – Long-Term Economy Parking

The economy parking lot P6 is located over three miles away from Newark Airport. It will require a 20 min bus ride to get back to the main airport terminals. If the bus does not arrive, passengers will need to get an Uber car back to the airport. The long-term economy parking lot is at the very edge of the airport property and is not on the monorail line. The economy parking lot P7 still remains under construction.

Cost: Newark Airport parking at the economy long term parking lot costs $18 per day. Although the airport bus is free, there will be an additional cost for an Uber back to the airport of about $6

Valet Parking at Newark Airport

Valet parking at Newark Airport is not what you might expect. Many people think you can roll up to the airport terminal and just leave your car keys with a valet guy at one of the valet stands located kerbside at each terminal, but that is not correct. Drivers actually need to take their vehicle to the P4 parking garage where a valet guy will process them there. This solution is not that convenient and is the most expensive option for parking at Newark airport.

Cost: Valet parking at Newark Airport costs $40 per day.

Reserve a Premium Spot in One of The Newark Airport Parking Lots

You can reserve a premium parking space when you book your flight. Use the Premium Reserved Parking system to reserve a space in designated areas in the P3, P4, P6, short term Lot A, short term Lot B and short term lot C parking lots. This reservation must be made online and costs an additional $2 per day. Customers having booked a Premium Reserved Parking space should leave the booking confirmation face up on the vehicle dashboard.

External Parking Lots

Some private parking lots also exist off the airport campus and they are the cheapest parking solution of all. Heavy airport traffic can often mean that it can take over 30 minutes to get back to the airport, which could make you late for your flight. The daily cost savings are quite considerable, especially if you intend to leave the car there for over a week but the risk of damage is high.

Newark Airport Parking Alternatives:

The best way to get to Newark Airport is to not take a car at all as the daily parking cost can often be far higher than the cost of using a car sharing service like Uber, via or Lyft. Public transportation to Newark Airport is still not as good as it could be, but there is now a connection between the monorail (now know at the Newark Aitrtain) and Amtrak & NJ Transit at the Newark Liberty International Airport Station, which is the last stop on the monorail and provides good access to Newark Penn Station and New York Penn Station.