Parking at JFK Airport

Parking at New York’s JFK Airport can be quite a hassle especially during peak travel times. One of the biggest problems is that JFK Airport is not easy to drive to. A 20 mile drive from Midtown Manhattan or New Jersey can take over 2 hours on a Friday afternoon. JFK Airport is easier to get to if coming from Long Island, New York. The hassle of parking at JFK Airport can be avoided if you research ahead of time to find the best parking option for you.

Below is helpful information to help you find the best parking option available before heading to JFK Airport.

Types of Options for Parking at JFK Airport

Short-Term Parking Lots 

There are currently six parking lots operating at JFK Airport that provide short-term parking areas adjacent to each airport terminal. The Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red parking garages are situated near Terminals 1 through 8. The hourly parking option is perfect for vehicles who are simply picking someone up or dropping someone off. These short-term garages only allow you park there for a maximum of 24 hours. If you plan on staying for more than a day you have to choose long-term parking.

As an alternative for vehicles picking up arriving passengers, there are FREE Cell Phone Lot waiting areas less than 5 minutes away from the airport. These lots are located at each of the primary JFK Airport entrances, just off the Van Wyck Expressway and the JFK Expressway. The FREE Cell Phone Lots are a convenient place to wait for arriving passengers, which also helps keep the airport traffic from moving smoothly.

Note: Drivers must stay in their vehicles at all times. Parking on airport roadways is prohibited.

Short-Term/Daily Parking Garages: 

  • Terminal 1 and 2 – Green Parking Lot
  • Terminal 3 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 4 – Blue Lot
  • Terminal 5 – Yellow Lot
  • Terminal 6 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 7 – Orange Lot
  • Terminal 8 – Red Lot
  • Terminal 9 – CLOSED
  • Terminal 10 – Scheduled to open 2025

Cost: The cost of parking at the short-term Green, Orange, and Red parking garages are $4 for each half hour and $35 for 24-hours maximum. The cost of the Cell Phone Lots are free for vehicles waiting for arriving passengers.

Cost: The cost of parking at the short-term Blue and Yellow parking garages are $5 for each half hour and $39 for 24-hours maximum.

Ways to Pay: Cash, Credit/Debit, E-ZPass Plus at all lots.

Tip: To save time and exit quickly, use credit/debit card at an Express Pay machine.

Long-Term Economy Parking Lot 

The JFK Airport only has one long-term parking option: The Economy Parking Lot 9 located 4 miles west of the airport on Lefferts Boulevard. Economy Parking Lot 9 is the only option for those who need to stay more than 24 hours. This parking lot has easy access to the AirTrain that connects each terminal, but it still takes 20-25 minutes to get to most of the terminals from economy parking. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to park and get to your terminal from the long-term lot.

Cost: The cost of parking at the Long-Term Economy Parking Lot is $18 for the first 24 hours and $6 for each additional 8 hours.

Ways to Pay: Cash, Credit/Debit, and E-ZPass Plus at all lots.

Tip: To save time and exit quickly, use credit/debit card at an Express Pay machine.

JFK Airport Parking Alternatives

JFK Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

Many passengers have discovered “ Park, Stay, Fly” packages offered by hotels near the JFK Airport. These packages are a great option for passengers who live far away from the airport and wish to stay at a hotel the night before. These discounted “Park, Stay, Fly” packages typically include parking at the hotel, one night stay and shuttle service to the airport.

Off-site Airport Parking

There are a number of off-site parking lots at JFK Airport that can end up costing more than the JFK Airport on-site parking. The average daily cost of nearby off-airport parking is $17, only a $1 savings, without including tip for the valet. You also have to wait for the shuttle to arrive and often times they take so long that you have to take an Uber to the airport. Planning ahead of time to find the best deal can save you time and money.