LaGuardia Airport Parking

LaGuardia Airport parking has been overhauled in recent years. Parking at LaGuardia Airport is relatively inexpensive and convenient to the airport terminals when compared to parking at the other two major airports in the NYC metropolitan area, JFK Airport Parking and Newark Airport Parking. As part of LaGuardia’s $8 billion renovation, 3,000 parking spaces have been added, as well as modern conveniences like Apple Pay and reserved parking.

In addition to LaGuardia Airport’s on-site parking options, multiple off-site lots and parking garages are also located near LaGuardia Airport. Planning ahead can help you find the best option for you at the best price. Short-term parking and daily parking are actually in the same parking lots, just different rates. The long term parking lots are 15 minutes from the airport via shuttle.

Types of Parking Options at LaGuardia Airport


Short-Term Parking: Terminals A, B, C and D

Unlike other airports in the area, LaGuardia offers free short-term parking for passenger pick-up and drop-off. Located near Terminal A, the “B Wait Area” is free for up to the three hours for accompanied vehicles.

If you need to stay longer than three hours, or wish to be closer to your terminal, short-term parking is available adjacent to each terminal. Terminal A has a surface parking lot, Terminal B has a newly constructed seven-story garage and Terminals C and D have a shared parking lot. While short-term parking is convenient due to its proximity to each terminal, it can also be costly.

Cost: The cost of parking at the short-term parking lot is $5 for each half hour. The cost of the waiting area is free.

Ways To Pay: Cash, credit/debit, and E-ZPass Plus are accepted at all lots. Apple Pay is accepted at the new Terminal B garage.

Daily Parking: Terminals A,B,C and D

Parking at LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport also offers a daily parking rate in the same parking areas as the short-term terminal parking. If you are parking for more than 4 hours, the daily rate is more cost effective than the short-term rate. However, the terminal lots only allow you to park there for a maximum of 24 hours or you get towed. If you intend to stay longer you must move the vehicle to the economy parking lot.

If you want to guarantee your spot in the terminal parking areas, you can reserve in advance through their Premium Reserved Parking program. These spaces are available for Terminals A,C, and D with a booking fee of $2 a day. You cannot reserve a space in the terminal B garage.

Cost: The daily parking cost in the terminal parking lots is $39. 

Ways To Pay: Cash, credit/debit, and E-ZPass Plus are accepted at all lots. Apple Pay is accepted at the new Terminal B garage.  

Long-Term Parking: Economy Parking Lot 3 

Long-term LaGuardia Airport parking is located in Economy Parking Lot 3, situated between Terminals B and C, where a free shuttle service can take you to your terminal. This is the only option if you are parking for more than 24 hours.

Cost: The cost of economy parking is $39 a day and $13 for each additional 8 hours.

LaGuardia Airport Parking Alternatives

Off-site Airport Parking

Off-site map of LGA

Off-site airport parking is often cheaper than LaGuardia Airport parking. Private parking lots outside of LaGuardia Airport generally offer lower rates while providing the same amenities such as security surveillance and free shuttle service to the terminals.

Tip: Compare parking options ahead with different online parking reservation companies. Off-site parking rates are almost always discounted and easy to book, but take much longer to get to the terminals.

LaGuardia Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

Parking your car at a local hotel can also be a money saving option. The distance to the airport may be a little farther away, but this may be the best option if you have an early morning flight and wish to stay at a hotel the night before. Many nearby hotels offer “Park, Stay, Fly” packages with a complimentary shuttle service to LaGuardia Airport terminals. These packages allow you to bundle your hotel room and parking as well as the shuttle service for a discounted rate. You can find hotels that offer “Park, Stay, Fly” packages near LaGuardia Airport for reasonable rates.