Buy The New York Subway Map

It is a smart idea to have a printed copy of the New York Subway map handy in your bag for when you need to plan your route around the New York Subway System. The last thing you need to do on the New York Subway is open up the electronic Subway map and flash your latest iPhone or Android, which is you just asking to bet robbed. With the large amount of subway train and route changes and the constant service delays, even seasoned locals may have to plan alternative routes around the vast New York Subway System on a regular basis and the old-school printed New York Subway Map provides just a easy and convenient way to do that, safely.

Print Out Your Own New York Subway Map

printing New York Subway MapYou can access and print the latest MTA New York Subway Map here and access the PDF version of the Subway map here. The problem is that most printers may be just too small to print out the large square sheet that you need for the subway map and you might have to print out separate pages and stick them together with some tape. You can try adjusting the image and use the “shrink to fit” setting when you print, but you may find the map a little hard to read, so all-around, it is a less-than-optimal solution.

Get The Printed Subway Map For Free At The Subway Station Booth

Subway station boothEach of the Subway station booths located at most stations in the New York City subway system used to have a stack of Subway maps ready to give away to anyone who asked for them for for free. The MTA’s cost saving measures and the constant train and line changes have made this practice no longer feasible and it is now very hard to find any printed Subway maps at these locations, but not still not quite impossible. Bigger stations usually have more of the maps, so good luck on your hunt!

man holding phone calling mta

Order The New Printed Subway Map Over The Phone For Free

You can call the MTA and request that they send you a printed New York Subway Map for free. The contact number for maps is Subway Map Requests is
718-330-3322 or 646-252-6862. Their office hours are: Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM
The problem with this solution is that it can take them many weeks to send the map, sometimes the map order is lost, so this solution is not the most reliable.

Buy The Printed New York Subway Map On The Internet

buying New York Subway Map on the internetSome internet entrepreneurs have tried to fill the void of the lack of available Subway maps and are selling the latest version of the New York Subway map on for about $5. This is a pretty good method of getting the latest New York Subway map in your hands and the price usually includes the shipping. While buying the map it is not the cheapest way of getting the Subway map, it usually arrives in a couple of days and is guaranteed to be the very latest map.