Subway Service Advisories

Below is the the real time New York Subway System service advisories that are provided by the NYCT through Twitter. The MTA and NYCT has switched off all other methods of service updates and all new systems must use the following Twitter feed.

MTA Announcement on Service Advisories

The MTA has decided to suspend all service advisories on their website and has opted to provide them through twitter instead. This means that all the tech systems that were getting the subway service advisories through the old methods will need to switch over to twitter as the news source.

New Service Advisories Twitter News and Update Source

The new Twitter service advisory service provides information on:

  • line closures
  • station closures
  • train delays
  • new schedules
  • emergency situations
  • unauthorized people on the tracks
  • ice on the line
  • frozen switches
  • power outages
  • station flooding
  • line flooding
  • slip and fall incidents
  • station violence and attacks
  • police activity
  • line and rail inspections
  • station inspections
  • train inspections
  • trains take out of service
  • impending storm or hurricane impact
  • modernization plans
  • temporary line solutions
  • location of buses to resolve localized train or station issues
  • details on unplanned ticket booth closures
  • details on unplanned station entrance closures
  • new MTA subway map releases
  • subway map updates
  • travel ban information
  • emergency protocols
  • new train assignments
  • inclusion of new train lettering
  • new subway train branding and coloring change
  • system apologies for delays and cancellations
  • weekend service disruption
  • changes to weekend schedule
  • details on the weekender guide for understanding planned service
  • system maintenance and construction.
  • planned or unplanned service changes
  • train or service resumption following outage or delay

The twitter feed service advisories also report on all other types of subway conditions that can lead to train delays, passenger inconvenience or any dangerous situations. The service is real time and updated every few seconds. If Police presence is required at certain stations, the NYCT does not update that situation until approved by the NYPD, to ensure that any crime underway is not tipped off to the police presence.