Best Ways to Get to Newark Airport

Best Ways to Get to Newark Airport From Manhattan

From Midtown, Manhattan to Newark Airport, what method of transportation choices are available?

Newark Liberty International Airport (airport code EWR) is one of New York City’s three area airports and offers a quieter alternative to JFK or LaGuardia airports for the Midtown Manhattan air traveler and New York Flights.  Located at 10 Toler Place in Newark, New Jersey, Newark Airport is about 16 miles southwest of Manhattan.  Newark Airport is the smallest of the three New York-area airports.  There are several travel options from Manhattan to Newark Airport, and we will explore them for you here.

driving to newark airport

Driving to Newark Airport 

If you wish to drive out from Manhattan to Newark airport, from Midtown Manhattan in New York City you will take the Lincoln Tunnel to the southbound NJ Turnpike.  Follow the NJ Turnpike to exit 14C, and take I-78 to Route 1/9.  When you reach exit 57 (Newark Airport Main Terminals), take the ramp leading to Lot P6-Economy (long-term) Newark Airport Parking (There are other parking lots accessible from this exit, that are closer, but they are significantly more expensive) .

Once parked in lot P6, there’s a free airport shuttle bus to the terminals.  The bus ride takes 20 minutes, so make sure you allot time for this extra step. Buses run every 15 minutes from 5AM to midnight, and every 20 minutes from midnight to 5AM. If you get really stuck for time, you can park in Newark Airport’s short-term parking, where the daily parking rate is much higher, but the parking lot is just steps away from the terminal.

Your drive to Newark Airport, including the shuttle bus, depending on traffic and weather conditions, can take from 50-65 minutes.  Expect daytime traffic entering the Lincoln Tunnel, at the approach to the NJ Turnpike, and on Route 1/9.  There are tolls for the Lincoln Tunnel and the NJ Turnpike.

Taxi, Van, or Express Bus to Newark Airport

New York City yellow cabs can get you from Manhattan to Newark Airport in comfort, but the fares range from $45-$60 depending on your starting point, plus tolls and tip.  Taxis do offer 24-hour, on-demand service, but they can be hard to find during rush hours or bad weather. Taxis can generally make the trip from Manhattan to Newark Airport in about 50 minutes, traffic and weather permitting, although New York City’s yellow cabs are very often clueless about finding their way around heavy traffic in New Jersey (Did someone say satellite navigator?) and some will refuse to go to Newark Airport entirely because they don’t think they will be able to get a fare back to Manhattan.

express bus to newark from manhattan

The Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus Service

This bus service is a less expensive alternative.  From a choice of Midtown departure points (Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, or Grand Central), the bus makes trips from Manhattan to Newark Airport every 30 minutes starting around 5AM and ending around 1:30AM.  The fare to Newark Airport by bus is $13.  Travel time is usually between 40 and 50 minutes (my trip on a stormy Monday afternoon took 54 minutes from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City). Traffic conditions will affect your trip time.

Super Shuttle Shared-Ride Van Service

Super Shuttle also goes from Manhattan to Newark Airport.  This is a 24-hour, on-demand service, which will pick you up anywhere in Manhattan.  With door-too-door service, it’s a low-cost, attractive option for those with extra luggage, or large groups.  Because it’s a “shared ride” service, however, the van may make stops to pick up other passengers before heading out to Newark Airport.  The fare is $19, and trip time can range from 60-70 minutes, depending on traffic, weather, and the number of extra stops the van makes after picking you up.

amtrak to newark from manhattan

Amtrak to Newark Airport – Quickest Method

The quickest way from Manhattan to Newark Airport is to ride an Amtrak train from New York’s Penn Station directly to the Newark Airport Train Station.  Amtrak trains stopping at Newark Airport will show “EWR” on the departure board at Penn Station. The Amtrak ride to Newark Airport takes just 22 minutes, and a 5-minute ride on the Newark Airport Airtrain to your terminal.  Your Amtrak ticket also gets you on the Newark Airport Airtrain, and fares start at $28.  Amtrak trains run to Newark Airport about every half hour during the day, and hourly until around 1AM.  There are security checks for Amtrak passengers on the New York end, so allow extra time (about 10 minutes) for that.

PATH / NJ Transit / Airtrain to Newark Airport – Cheapest Method 

The least expensive way to travel from Manhattan to Newark Airport is via the PATH subway/NJ Transit/Airtrain method.  It’s a tricky route, but if cost is a factor, it can be done in about 90 minutes.  From the 33 St./6 Ave. PATH station, you ride a PATH train to Journal Square, change there (across the platform) to a Newark train. From Newark Penn Station, take a NJ Transit train to the Newark Airport Train Station, and finally, transfer to a Newark Airport Airtrain to your terminal. Total cost of this method is $9.

PATH trains run every 15 minutes during the day on weekdays, every 30 minutes at night.  On weekends, PATH trains run every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. While PATH and the Newark Airport Airtrain run 24 hours a day, NJ Transit has no service to Newark Airport between 2 and 5AM. Remember that the NJ Transit ticket you purchase in Newark also covers your Airtrain fare, so hold on to it when you leave the NJ Transit train.  Only NJ Transit trains showing “EWR” on the departure board will stop at Newark Airport.

nj tranist to newark airport

Another Rail Option To Newark Airport

From Manhattan to Newark Airport is also accessible using the NJ Transit/Airtrain method.  From New York’s Penn Station, NJ Transit trains follow the same route as Amtrak trains to Newark Airport.  They take slightly longer than Amtrak trains (30 minutes) to make the trip, but they are cheaper.  NJ Transit offers a combined NJ Transit/Airtrain ticket for $12.50.  All NJ Transit trains that show “EWR” on the departure boards will stop at Newark Airport Train Station.  There, you will transfer to the Newark Airport Airtrain to reach your terminal.  NJ Transit trains to Newark Airport run hourly from 5 to 6AM and midnight to 2AM.  During the day and evening, service runs every half hour.  There is no NJ Transit service from New York to Newark Airport between 2 and 5AM.

Limo To Newark Airport – Most Luxurious and Most Expensive Method 

If riding in style is to your taste, you might consider one of the various limo services to get from Manhattan to Newark Airport. They offer door-to-door service, are available 24 hours a day, and are private and comfortable. They’re costly – Tel Aviv Car & Limo fares start at $60 – but limos do provide personalized service the other modes can’t offer. Traffic and weather will extend the limos’ usual 45-50 minute travel time to Newark Airport. Some limo services also add tolls and a gratuity to the fare, but others include it in the fare.

airtrain to newark

Most Reliable Method to Newark Airport

The most reliable methods from Manhattan to Newark Airport are the Amtrak/Airtrain or NJ Transit/Airtrain options. They are fast, unaffected by traffic or weather, and transfers between rail and the Airtrain monorail at Newark Airport are made easy by the Port Authority. The only drawback to the rail options is that there’s no service between 2AM and 5AM on either Amtrak or NJ Transit, so red-eye travelers will have to choose a different method to reach Newark Airport.

Conclusion – Our Top Recommendations From Manhattan to Newark Liberty Airport

From Manhattan to Newark Airport, we recommend either of the two rail options for travel to Newark Airport.  Amtrak and NJ Transit get high marks for speed and convenience and the cost is reasonable.  Some Amtrak trains even have food-service cars, so you can get a snack on your way to the airport.

If door-to-door service appeals to you, we recommend limo service.  They cost a little more, but are direct, personalized, and available 24 hours a day.  Plus, there’s that added prestige of alighting from a limo at your terminal, while the driver handles your luggage. Here’s wishing you a great flight!





Rail Method 1 

$28 and up – combined Amtrak/Airtrain ticket

28 minutes

Rail Method 2 
NJ Transit/Airtrain

$12.50 combined NJ Transit/Airtrain ticket

35 minutes

Rail Method 3 
PATH/NJ Transit/Airtrain

$9 PATH + NJ Transit/Airtrain

90 minutes

Your Own Car

$18 per Day Parking
$6 Lincoln Tunnel toll
$0.75 NJ Turnpike toll

35-40 minutes, plus 20-minute bus from Lot P6 to terminals

Express Bus
Penn Station, Port Authority, or Grand Central


40-50 minutes

Shared Ride Van Service


60-70 minutes


$45 and up

50-55 minutes


$60 and up

45-50 minutes