Popular Subway Destinations in New York City

The following are the most popular New York Subway destinations in New York City, all of them are accessible from New York subway stops and they all show that the New York Subway is a not only a great way to move around the city for these popular New York tour destinations but also great value. Here are some popular New York Subway destinations to visit on your next trip to the Big Apple.

Central Park
The one of the most popular New York subway destinations, is an amazing (and enormous) park – which contains a children’s zoo, skating rink, reservoir, castle, carousel, an outdoor theater, music venues, gardens, beautiful green lawns, picturesque lakes and ponds, and so much more – is the heart of Manhattan. On any given day, you’ll see New Yorkers here jogging, walking their dogs, or playing sports.
Empire State Building
The Empire State Building stands tall over New York City, and this popular midtown attraction offers the most dazzling views of Manhattan and beyond. The skyscraper, completed in 1931, has a snazzy Art Deco interior worth checking out, and at night the top of the Empire State is lit with white lights or more significant colors (e.g. orange for Halloween).
The Statue of Liberty
 Lady Liberty is the most enduring symbol of American freedom, so it’s not surprising that most visitors to New York want to see her up close. The regal statue, which was a gift from the French in celebration of the Centennial of American independence, stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and can be reached by ferry.
Chrysler Building
Although the Chrysler Building lost the race with the Empire State to be New York City’s tallest skyscraper, its distinctively designed top — which looks especially nice when lit up at night — is one of the most recognizable sights in the New York skyline.
Battery Park
Beautiful Battery Park is located at the southern tip of Manhattan and is the place to go to catch ferries to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, as well as the famed Staten Island Ferry.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Met has one of the most extensive and varied collections of art in the world. If Da Vinci sketches and Monet paintings don’t interest you, check out the extensive collections of antique weapons and musical instruments, walk right into a recreated Ming Dynasty courtyard in the Asian Art section, or see the Egyptian Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing.
The New York Yankees / Yankee Stadium
 Perhaps the most famous baseball team in the world, the Yanks have won over two dozen World Series titles and have brought us greats like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio. The Yankees are also known as the “Bronx Bombers” because the team’s Yankee Stadium is located in that New York City borough.
Guggenheim Museum
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum features avant-garde artists, but the building itself is its real claim to fame. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim’s white cylindrical frame makes it one of NYC’s most significant (and hotly debated) architectural distinctions.
American Museum of Natural History
Located on Central Park West, this beloved museum has an impressive collection that includes a full-size model of a blue whale suspended in air, dinosaur skeletons, elaborate dioramas, and artifacts from ancient peoples all over the world. A family and school field trip favorite, the Hayden Planetarium, adjoins the museum.
Times Square
Though it’s a fairly small chunk of Manhattan, Times Square is the image that comes to most people’s mind when they think of New York City, which makes it the most popular New York subway destinations. Just go to 41st Street (preferably at night) and walk north on Broadway or 7th Avenue and you’ll find yourself awash in a dazzling display of flashing lights, LCD screens, giant billboards, and neon theater marquees.
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