New York Subway -
New York Subway Email and Text Message Alert System

You can receive alerts for subways, buses, and commuter rail lines, as well as for traffic alerts on MTA Bridges and Tunnels. You can also choose to receive notices about Planned Service Changes, such as diversions caused by repair or maintenance work. Messages can be recieved in email message or text message form.

The New York Subway Email and Text message Service
This service will allow you to receive email and text message alerts for all New York Subway Services. These alerts will update you with information about what trains and lines are delayed and any other problems that may be experienced on the New York Subway

Other MTA Services:
This Email and text messaging service is also available for all MTA agencies, including Buses, Railroads including Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and Metro North Railroad also available delivered to as many email addresses as you wish as well as to your cell phone in the form of text messages.

Costs Incurred with Text Message Provider
The MTA provides this alert service free of charge but you are responsible for the cost of received text messages from your cell phone carrier depending on your calling plan.

Alert Choices
The following links provide data on the specific lines and servces are currently served by the Email and Text Message Alert System

Subway Lines
Sign Up For MTA Text Message Alerts
MTA Buses
Bridges and Tunnels

Signed Up Completed

Once you have signed up you will receive a message like this:
Thank you for signing up. We sent a confirmation email to:
Please check your inbox and follow the instructions to confirm your new account.

You are required to confirm all email addresses and SMS numbers that you register. The MTA must ensure that you are the real owner of the address. You can add additional email addresses and SMS numbers on the Customer Account Page.
Each email address or SMS number you enter will require a separate confirmation. If you do not confirm the email addresses or SMS numbers, you will not receive alerts at that email address or SMS number.

Spam Blockers:
To prevent MTA alert messages from being blocked by SPAM filters, add the domain "" to your list of trusted senders.